Computing has been around for a while and is always developing as you can see from the picture. 

58 years later: Raspberry Pi Zero vs. the Elliott 405. Can you guess the fastest computer between the two?

This area of Moodle gives IT and computing courses for all levels, from Y7 to pre-university. 

Think you know about social media? Try this test

Functional skills in ICT combines being digitally literate - being able to make sensible choices about using computers/smart devices to meet your requirements, and being able to use the programs/apps effectively (ICT) 

This course is being run for 4th, 5th and Lower 6th forms from January 2015, to be examined in Summer 2016. It becomes a GCSE option for third years from September 2015 for first examination in Summer 2017.

The AS level Computer Science course. This Moodle site will be used for classwork, homework and can be used to catch up on any missed lessons. At time it may well refer to page numbers in your textbook.

A place for resources and links about studying Computing at school and at University

A place for all the exciting projects we don't have time to fit into lessons...

Some IT and computing resources for all staff to use, separate from pupil resources